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Frequent Question & Answer

Question:  What is 4d lotto?

Answer: It is common for Singaporeans and Malaysians to play four-digit lottery games, which are known as four digits ( 4D ). In the 4D Lotto Malaysia 4d and Singapore 4d game, the player is able to select any number between 0000 and 9999. Once the numbers are picked, 23 winning numbers are chosen randomly from the pool. If any of the player's selected numbers match with one of the 23 ones drawn, then the player wins a prize.

Question:  When can buy 4d and check lotto results?

Answer: In the past, 4d lotto players need to go to the nearest physical lotto shop to buy their favorite lotto 4d number and stand in front of the lotto shop to check for the latest lotto result. With technological advancement nowadays, players can visit any online lotto shop to check the latest lotto results or today's lotto results. 

Question:  Which day got 4d?

Answer: Almost every day have 4d lotto to buy now. It depends on what lotto games you are interested. For Magnum 4d, Da Ma Chai 4d, Singapore 4d  and TOTO 4d, it is available every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. For Grand Lotto ( gd lotto ), Perdana 4d, 9lotto ( nine lotto ) 4d , Good4d, Lucky Harihari 4d, Sabah 88, STC 4D  and Sarawak 4d. It is available every day. 

Question:  Lotto 4d can buy online?

Answer: The answer is YES! you can buy 4d online with trusted lotto agents online, you can register with us or register with to buy 4d lotto online, check with us if you need help.

Question:  When can buy 4d lotto?

Answer: You need to buy the 4d lotto on the physical shop or buy 4d lotto online before the draw time ( usually every day between 6 to 77:30 pm. Do check with us if you are not sure how

Question:  How to win lotto 4d?

Answer: This is very tricky here,  lotto 4d is a game of probability and luck! But there is a way to increase some winning opportunity using some statistical knowledge by study the frequent winning number , and buy with some useful lotto tools. Few suggestion as below : 

Lotto Hot number : Hot Numbers are 4-digit numbers that have been frequently drawn in winning bets! This means that there might be high chance of this number being drawn again in jackpot or even consolation prizes.

Past Result Analysis : Asides from Hot Numbers, you can also view Past 4D Results History to find likely combination of digits that are always showing up in past winning 4D Draws.

Zodiac Lucky Number : You can also rely on Horoscope or Zodiac to find out your lucky numbers which you can include in your bet.

Question:  How to withdraw 4d lotto winning prizes ?

Answer:  It is very important to know that you need to buy 4d lotto with trusted lotto agent to make sure you can get your winning prizes. If you buy at the physicals shop, do visit the branch to claim the prize with the ticket you bought., if you buy with online lotto agent like, you just need to claim from your lotto member portal, but you need to make sure that you updated your personal information and bank account correctly to ensure the withdrawal is smooth later. 


Question:  What is 4d lotto winning prize structure ?

Answer:  Every lotto games has it's own winning prizes and structure, for first prize it normally range from 2500 to 4000 , depends on the games mode and type. Do check with us if you need more information. 

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